How to Paint a Car

The smooth sparkling paint is the excellence of the multitude of vehicles. You can change the presence of the vehicle by painting it as per your will. To have your vehicle paint from the expert painters cost you many bucks. The expense shifts from a few hundred to a few thousand bucks relying on the paint work and its quality. Painting your vehicle is certifiably not an unthinkable errand; it is a lot of feasible work. The main thing required is your responsibility and accuracy. Hereunder we will examine a portion of the valuable tips, which assist you with painting your vehicle without any problem.

Things Required

-Concealing tape (extraordinary kind of tape used to safeguard specific regions while painting)
-Canvas or other covering material
-Paint urethane based
-Paint sprayer
-Dust cover, gloves, goggles and so forth
-Urethane Clear coat Kit
-Acrylic Lacquer Clear coat
-Vehicle Painting Clear coat
-Oil remover or wax


1. It is essential to wash the vehicle before you start with painting process. It is alluring to make the outer layer of the vehicle liberated from any residue, mud, filth or soil for paint to stick appropriately. Wash the vehicle and make it dry with cotton material.

2. The following stage includes the sanding down automotive touchup paint of the unpleasant. This will be finished with the assistance of sandpaper. Utilize free and fine coarseness sandpaper to extreme and little regions individually. Utilize clay to finish up little openings and plunges before you can continue to subsequent stage. For on the off chance that these openings and plunges are not given unique consideration they won’t let the paint to stick appropriately. In this way, sand down every one of the impacted regions. Be certain that the region you are going to paint is smooth and level.

3. In this progression you want to cover every one of the parts with veiling tape and canvas, which you would rather not get paint on. For example, mirrors, windows, wheel covers and so on

4. When you are completely ready, apply the equivalent measure of groundwork to the whole parts, which are to be painted. Preliminary a significant fixing as it assists paint with sticking appropriately. After the use of preliminary, let it dry for quite a while. When the groundwork is dried, sand down the surface again to make it smooth.

5. Right now is an ideal opportunity to apply paint to your vehicle. Use urethane based paint and the shower weapon to splash the base layer of the paint over the entire surface smoothly. Allow it to dry for around 15-20 minutes. Following 20 minutes apply the last layer of the paint equitably over the surface and let it dry for around 90 odd minutes.

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