Phentermine Secrets Revealed – The Bad Stuff!

Even though there are numerous advantages of Phentermine drug but at the same we cannot neglect the disadvantages. Of course there are some disadvantages and that are to be known to the patient so that he can be alert while opting for the Phentermine drugs.

There are mainly two major disadvantages of Phentermine and one of them is allergic reaction and the second one is minor symptoms that stay for shorter period. Out of these the first disadvantage of allergic reactions are considered to of serious nature. Following are some of the reactions that occur while taking Phentermine.

o Breathing problems: This type of allergic reaction is mainly occurs in case of asthmatic patients. The obesity patient finds great difficulty in breathing after taking the Phentermine drugs because the heart beat is reduced due the appetite suppressant ingredient. In this case patients are advised to refer to the doctor immediately to avoid complications.

o Swelling: In most of the cases the swelling of lips, face and other partsOver the Counter Phentermine Alternatives of face takes place. It happens due to irregular blood supply to these parts. Of course this swelling remains for shorter period but in this it is better to consult he it persists for longer duration.

o High blood pressure: This is one of the major disadvantages of Phentermine drug and mostly found in more over weight people. In this case the obesity patients are advised to discontinue the Phentermine drug and consult the doctor immediately.

o Problems in vision: As the face parts swells up this impacts the vision also. The patient suffers from blur vision and he is unable to see the objects clearly.

o Abnormal heart beats: It happens due to high blood pressure and the patient feels uneasy. In this regard the high blood pressure patients should not opt for the Phentermine drug it may lead to dangerous situation.

o Headache: It occurs due to abnormal flow of blood to various parts of the body especially the upper part of the body. This results in severe and frequent headache.

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