The Daily Coq10 Dosage Debate Continues

You may have found that getting a straight answer on the optimum daily coq10 dosage can be trying, and that is because there really is no set answer to the question. This is because a lot depends on your state of health at the time the question is posed, and even then there are a lot of factors involved that go into the decision as to how much you should take.

The fact is that the amount of coenzyme you need to prevent developing a deficiency is not certain, all that we have to go by is what scientist “think” might be enough for you to maintain good health. A deficiency in coenzyme q10 could cause you to develop a number of degenerative diseases, but the scientific the opinions of the scientific community on how much is necessary to prevent these diseases varies widely.

The numbers that are given for the optimum daily coq10 dosage of coenzyme q10 will range between 30 milligrams pre day, and 120 milligrams. If I were you I would opt for a goal of 120 milligrams per day for protecting your health, because higher doses of this nutrient will not hurt you. Common sense dictates using the highest amount recommended when it comes to disease prevention.

If you are someone that has already developed one of the RAD 140 benefits diseases that coenzyme q10 is effective in treating, the recommended dosage of the nutrient will obviously be increased. You have to let your physician or specialist help guide you as to how much you should be taking. Depending on what problem you are suffering the dosage being used may change several times during the treatment.

For example, the daily coq10 dosage recommended for congestive heart failure is between 60 and 150 milligrams per day. Treatment will typically start out with the higher dosage, and work its way down to the lower dosage as your condition improves. If you are taking statin drugs to control your cholesterol levels the top and bottom numbers will be increased, due to the fact that statins reduce you coq10 levels by up to 60%.

Unlike the dosages recommended for congestive heart failure, the dosages for women being treated for breast cancer rise as the treatment proceeds. Doctors may give a patient 90 milligrams per day during treatment until the tumor is stabilized. Once i

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